1737 Peer Support

Talk to someone who understands, from wherever you are in Aotearoa, by free-calling 1737 Peer Support. It's a free, confidential helpline to speak to someone if you're feeling stressed, down or overwhelmed.

When you free-call 1737, you have the option to speak to a counsellor or one of our peer support workers. A peer support worker is someone who has personally experienced mental distress and/or addiction challenges, and supports others to look after their wellbeing.

1737 Peer Support is available everyday between 2.00pm and 10.00pm, throughout Aotearoa.

If you’d like support outside of these times, 1737 counsellors are always available 24/7.

The 1737 SMS/text service is not available for Peer Support, so please ring to speak with a peer support worker.

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