Citizenship Project

An initiative made possible through Mind & Body and Odyssey.

Two men sitting in front of a white wall. From left a man with spiky, dark hair and a short grey beard wearing a light grey t-shirt looking at a smiling man with short hair, and a dark beard with black sunglasses on top of his head wearing a black shirt.

The Citizenship Project is a six-month programme that helps people experiencing mental distress, addiction and/or homelessness to build productive, fulfilling lives in their communities.

The project is based on a concept known as the ‘Citizenship framework’. This framework acknowledges that people experiencing mental health or addiction challenges often face significant marginalisation and struggle to establish a secure sense of connection and belonging within communities. It considers each person who participates in the programme to be a student joining a learning community, an ‘expert’ in their own life, and capable of being a valued member of their community.

Connection to and feeling part of a community is particularly important in recovering from significant marginalisation - whether as a result of mental distress, addiction or homelessness. The main aim of the programme is to restore a sense of belonging and to support people in developing values roles where they feel a sense of connection and purpose.

Haven Recovery Café

An initiative made possible through a collaboration between Odyssey, Mind & Body and LifeWise.

A strip of storefronts with apartment blocks in the background.

Haven is an afterhours, drop-in support space at Merge Café on Auckland’s Karangahape Road. It’s a safe, warm place to feel less alone, especially if you've taken substances, or are feeling distressed for other reasons.

The space is supported by peer workers from Mind & Body, Odyssey and LifeWise who are available to chat or connect you with further mental health, addiction or housing support, if needed.

Haven Recovery Café is located at 453 Karangahape Road, Central Auckland. It is open every weekend.

Fridays: 5.00pm – 9.00pm
Saturdays: 9.00am – 9.00pm
Sundays: 9.00am – 7.00pm

1737 Peer Support

An initiative made possible through Whakarongorau Aotearoa (1737) and Mind & Body.

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Mind & Body has partnered with Whakarongorau Aotearoa, who operates the country's nationwide mental health helpline, 1737, to provide free over the phone peer support.

The initiative gives callers the option to speak to a trained counsellor or a peer worker – someone who has personally experienced mental distress and/or addiction and recovery.

1737 Peer Support began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure people could talk to a peer support worker, no matter where they were.

The service operates 2.00pm and 10.00pm every day.

Learn more about 1737 Peer Support.

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