Working with Communities

Mind and Body counters stigma with the  Like Minds Like Mine Programme.

Like Minds Like Mine is a nationwide programme funded by the Ministry of Health to counter stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. Mind and Body has been a pioneering provider of this programme to the Auckland region. We are currently working on a project to develop a five-part creative resource for young people to destigmatise mental illness.

Stigma and discrimination are significant barriers to a person’s recovery.   We hold the philosophy that all people have the capacity for change, growth and recovery and that there is value to be gained from the experience of mental illness.

In addition to our Like Minds, Like Mine work, we also provide education focused on encouraging people to rethink their ideas about their own or other peoples’ experiences of mental “illness”.

Our reTHiNK Madness Workshops  are stigma-reduction workshops that help you understand mental unwellness in empowering terms and work with people who experience it. We can provide tailor-made workshops  for your staff, organisation or group or check out our public workshops on our Training Calendar.