Working with Organisations


Working with organisations and services to help meet the needs of consumers.


Mind and Body has been providing specialist advice on mental health service provision since 1998. We have provided advice nationally, regionally and locally to both public and private service providers. We use a partnership approach to work collaboratively with service providers in identifying desired outcomes and the strategies to achieve them. Our advice is informed by our own experiences of mental health challenges, best practice and current research on what makes services effective.    


Activities Mind and Body can provide to enhance your services:

  • Assisting with staff education regarding the impact of mental ill health and the needs of service users. We can tailor training to your staff’s specific needs, or for more information on our public training, please see our Training Calendar.
  • Providing Supervision for Peer Support Workers
  • Consulting with mental health service users to gather information about their experience of services and reporting back to services.
  • Advising service management on service development planning, including coordinating consumer input.
  • Assisting with interviewing prospective staff.
  • Providing advice on brochures, documentation and marketing materials.
  • Auditing services and participating in special incident review processes.
  • Undertaking research projects.


To find out more about supervision for peer support workers please click here or, to find out  how Mind and Body can work with your organisation or service to better meet the needs of consumers please contact:
Gordon Attwood
09 630 5909 ext 818