Working with Individuals

All our peer support workers and peer advocates have lived experience of mental illness and/or addictions challenges and recovery.


The role of a Peer Advocate

Sometimes, for one reason or another, we don’t get the services we need when we need them. Peer Advocates can walk beside you to advocate to get your needs met. If you are searching for solutions to concerns or problems relating to your mental health or addiction treatment or support, the Peer Advocacy Service provides goal and solution-centred advocacy to help you in that process. The service provides support to peers on specific issues and provides information but not advice.

If you are 18 years or over, and accessing mental health or addictions services in the Capital and Coast District health Board locality – which covers Wellington, Porirua and the Kapiti Coast – then the Peer Advocacy Service is free to use.

Peer Advocates are available to meet people in the community or in services between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. After hours appointments, including on the weekend, are negotiated on a case by case basis based on need and urgency. The Service is issues-based and time limited.

If the above service sounds helpful at this time, please contact us on one of the following:

0800 11 11 42


The role of a Peer Support Worker

A PSW is a companion on your journey of recovery, walking beside you in a number of different settings. Your PSW can meet with you in a variety of places – a café, the gym, the library, at home; it’s your choice.

You and your PSW would usually meet once a week, for an hour or so, sometimes more, sometimes less. What you do depends on what you want. Sometimes you’ll just talk, other times you’ll do something together that helps take you toward one of your goals.

 We’re service users too, so we don’t see anyone as just another case. We provide a service that sees you as an individual with your own hopes, dreams and talents. 


Living the life you want

We define recovery as living the life you want, in the presence or absence of mental illness. We see no reason why mental illness should mean isolation from the rest of the world. Therefore, PSWs will endeavour to support you to further connect or reconnect with your community.

The experience of mental illness can often leave you focusing on weaknesses or problems. Your PSW can help you shift the focus to your strengths, your talents and the skills you’ve learned in your life, including what you’ve learned from experiencing mental illness itself.

Peer Support is a FREE service funded by the District Health Boards (DHB) in the following areas: 

  • Christchurch
  • Central Auckland
  • West Auckland
  • North Shore

You are able to access the Peer Support Service if you have received support from mental health services in any of the above areas from a specialist service.  If you have received support for your mental health from a GP in any of the above localities you may also be eligible for FREE support – contact us to find out.  If you would like to self-refer, click on the “contact” link in the top right-hand corner.

Mind and Body also provides user-pays peer support for people who don’t meet the access criteria above but are interested in making changes in their lives.  Give us a call to find out more.


Whāriki Hauora Mind and body has teamed up with Whāriki Hauora (wellbeing for the performing arts industry) to create the Mind and Body Whāriki Hauora Peer Support Service – it  is for people working in the entertainment and performing arts sector who are struggling with their mental wellbeing or could just do with a bit of extra support right now.

To access the Whāriki Hauora support service please call Auckland 09-630 5909 and ask for Hayley or Christchurch 03 377 1818 and ask for Carla.

To make a donation that go directly towards supporting people please follow this link