Tania Anderson

Tania is a systems and participatory designer, as well as a project and change manager involved in all things social innovation. She has worked for more than 10 years across the public and business sectors in behaviour change in digital, service, programme and intervention design. Tania is also experienced in cross-government collaborative systems design. Her expertise involves developing policies and strategies that are trauma and adversity-informed by people experiencing issues such as homelessness, mental distress and addictions, family and sexual violence.

Tania believes in making systemic changes that take peoples lived experiences seriously, by privileging the voices of those that have been marginalised and excluded. Her work focuses on understanding and embracing the complexity of who we are as humans in our social systems, and on designing social value, not just for it, but with social justice and ecology in mind. She has learned how to harness her own lived experience of mental health distress and addictions in ways to enable and support change. Tania is proud to use her continual journey of wellness to support Mind & Body as an independent director. 

Tania Anderson has short blonde hair that is swept back.